Birthday Bird Card.

I love love love this card. When I had signed up to be a Stampin’ Up! demo, in with my starter box of goodies was a copy of the annual catalogue. You know how it goes, orders arrives and a catalogue is included. So you do the only thing you can do; make a cuppa, leave the children and husband playing in another room and curl up with your copy for a nice blissfully uninterrupted half an hour. Ok, it was an hour. And a half. Plus ten more minutes.
Casually flicking through, making a mental wish list as you do, there it was. I’ll admit my heart skipped a beat or three. The Best Birds stamp set. And it has a bundle offer which means there’s framelits. Birds and flowers to stamp and cut! Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not overly girlie. I have two boys and my husband at home, so life is very rough and tumble, my house is filled with cars and batman and marvel and ninja turtles and light sabers and so on. So why was I so taken with this set?
It complements my girlie bedroom to the max! I had spent the first six months of living in my newly purchased house looking for the perfect bedroom furniture and bedding and then another six months planning and decorating everyone else’s before the master could be done. And there, staring at me from the bottom of page 53 (yes I’m sad!) was my bedroom inspired stamp set.
I cannot wait to get some frames and make some pieces from my bedroom; who says stamps, inks and framelits have to just be for cards?! For those wishing to have a little look, you can currently find my bedroom collection at Dunelm (non-affiliated link)

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