I have moved!!!! Well, my craft space has moved and now I have a little buddy to keep me company. Meet Bruce (Banner) the hamster. The softest, least scary fluff ball of a hamster ever, who totally does not live up to his name whatsoever.


Isn’t he cute?! I bought a really cute stamp and die set late last year and I’ve not really used it, until now. Bruce was most definitely my inspiration for this card. In fact, this card will be titles Bruce the Hamster in my online store.


I think I just upped the cute stakes!!!! The Bruce comes in a few different colours, click here to personalise and purchase yours!

To celebrate Bruce having been part of our crazy house for 12 months, if you enter the code BRUCE at the checkout, you will receive 15% off your order total. Code is valid until 8pm Friday 14th April.